Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Grrrr ... mutter mutter ...whinge whinge ... no ... it is not helping ... I need to vent!! (sorry folks)

I work night duty - 10:30pm until 7am - if I am lucky although it is usually closer to 7:30 if not 8am before I actually get off. I then have to go home and organise Lachie for school because,  you know a '12 year-old-going-on-dead' child can not be thinking, let alone organising before the school bell rings. Then once he is safely at school, and yes .. still alive ... just :P, then I get to relax for a little while and wind down. I mean, how many of you finish work at say 5pm, go home and then jump into bed at 7pm and fall immediately asleep? Exactly! and it is the same for me.

So assuming I am asleep by 10am .. on a good day ... is it any wonder I get a little irritated when  people who know me, call me at 1pm and say really intelligent things like 'oh, were you asleep?' .. duh! ... or 'oh! I thought you would be awake by now!" Three hours sleep (on a good day) .... come on people ... let's  be realistic! And it's not like people don't know I work nights, I have been doing it 21 years next month. Oh my!! how depressing is that lol. I am seriously considering calling them about 2 or 3 am and saying ... 'Oh were you asleep?'

Now onto part 2! Why do banks/financial organisations etc change automatic payments. Like most people I have mine set up so they come out after my payday! It seems logical! So, one of my payments had the date changed - to 2 days before my pay went in when my bank account is virtually zero, so of course it attracted a dishonour fee. I called them to complain, as you do, and considering the lack of sleep, I was amazingly polite.

Me: Can you explain why my automatic payment was taken out of my account on the 27th when it is not due to come out until the 30th?

Woman on the 'Help'line: Oh, we changed that to make it more convienient.

Me: For who? (or should that be whom)

WOTHL: It fits in better with our schedule

Me: WTF! (and I never swear - no special reason - I just don't) Well, it doesn't fit in with mine!

WOTHL: You just need to make sure there is money in the account on the new date.

Me: (quietly seething) .. and where would this money be coming from ... shocked silence from the other end of the phone ... I am a single parent living off one wage, there is no other money.

WOTHL: Perhaps you could ask for more help from your ex.

Stunned silence while I absorbed her totally tactless stupid reply.

Me: (rather forcefully) I am a widow! I live on one wage, there is no other income and I want the date changed back to the old one!

WOTHL: Come on... (I kid you not!) surely you must have the money, I mean you have less expenses now you have one less in the house (I am glad to see they teach compassion in their training)

Me: (with all semblence of trying to be tactful gone)  Excuse me!! I still have a mortgage to pay, water, electricity, rates, food, run a car, etc etc etc and now I am doing it on one wage. I would like to speak to your supervisor please!

WOTHL: There is no need for that, I am sure we can work something out.

Me: The supervisor ... now!

My payments are now back to the original date and I have almost stopping seething. Almost! Some people just should not be allowed near a phone and the public!

Vent over (sorry) - I feel much better now!

Feeling of the Day: Irritated (as in very!)

Song of the Day:  (a tinge of sarcasm here but love the song)
Why Worry - Mark Knopfler

All mistakes are my own and will (perhaps) be corrected when I am sufficiently awake and my editor lets me know what is needed ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I cannot believe that they said those things to you! Incredible!
Glad you got it sorted - and presumably the charges, too, when it wasn't your fault? Hope so.

Fran said...

In my book, anyone who works night can just vent away to their heart's content - they deserve it.

Shirley said...

Yes Gill - I got my money refunded, the date changed back and an apology!

I enjoy my nights Fran :) - just not when something happens and I am tired!!

Stand by - I may just have the need to vent again in the near future lol (A)