Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I Really a Gemini?

Having just finished 3 hours of ironing I was taking a break and being bored I started clicking on those links on Facebook. You know the ones .. What Do the Colour of Your Eyes Mean? ... apparently because mine are hazel I am  very lovable and I am REALLY hot and awesome to be around and lots of other stuff ... so true lol. Then there is the one What does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?  Blue has always been my favourite colour and so it apparently means that I am a peaceful but persuading person who likes to get what they want. Yeah yeah yeah!

But then I clicked on the one that tells me what I am  like because of when I was born. I have often wondered, I was born 3 weeks early because of my mother's medical history and so I was a planned caesarean. Do the stars take that into account because in that case I would have been a Taurus, and then everything would be different. 

Anyway .. assuming I really am a Gemini, let's see if their reasoning is accurate!

10) Talk, Talk, Talk!  Me? No - that can't possibly be right! Unless you count when I am writing then as anyone who knows me will testify I never write short! Why use a few words when many is SO much better! Okay - I can talk a little as well, but it takes me a while to get started, I am fairly shy, but once I get to know someone ....

9) Your Motto: You believe anything! True! I do tend to believe what people tell me and I have been hurt often because of it. It just never occurs to me that people would lie or fabricate things. I guess I am like an open book and so I expect everyone to be the same. I am trying and sadly am becoming less trusting. Despite believing though there is always in the back of my head, a little voice saying - why does he/she want to know you ... when is the clown going to jump out from behind the wall and shout ..'Gotcha!'
8) Nobody understands You! Again true, but then I don't understand myself so how can anyone else be expected to even try.

7) Great at multi-tasking! Duh! I am a woman! 'Nuf said ... and a mother. Do we even have a choice? Now if only I could work on the procrastinating it would all work out brilliantly!

6) Aren't confused by facts! I thought about this for a minute. It can be taken two ways. Meaning I am brilliant, quick witted, have an alert mind, or the exact opposite. Hmm .. I have a feeling I know which one applies but I am so not commenting!

5) Make a great friend! ... I have my own opinion of that and so I won't get yelled at I am not sharing it!

4) Love new stuff! Oh yeah!! I do! and I get bored so easily that I am always wanting to try new things and buy new stuff. A good example - I want a new slow cooker! I know - small things - but there is nothing wrong with my old one - even though it was a wedding present many years ago. But I cannot justify spending the money on it when I don't NEED it .. on the other hand, my birthday is coming up soon and if someone gave it to me .... I see a subtle hint in my family's future lol

3) You are really funny! Well I think so.. *angelic smile*

2) Never sit still! I was about to say this is so not true - then I thought about it. I do sit, but rarely are my hands still. I am either on the computer, writing, cross stitching or something. I get bored at the movies because I find it hard to just sit!

1)You were born under the sign of the twins! well .. duh!

Looking back I guess maybe I am a Gemini. Perhaps it is when you were actually born and not when you were due! I am certainly two different people at different times. My emotions tend to be a tad erratic, my likes and dislikes can change day-by-day or even moment-by-moment. There are times I wonder who I am because I am never the same person two days in a row, Well rarely! Having said all that - look back at my comment yesterday about horoscopes. It still applies!

and then just as I was thinking my work was done, I spotted this! My Chinese Horoscope showing I am a Rooster ...

I am not commenting except to say hmmmm and I have no idea why I just wrote all this but I guess if nothing else I can say 'Day three is written'!

Ciao xx

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