Saturday, July 3, 2010

... and I am back!

It's been a while! 

Having no internet is seriously interfering with my lifestyle! On the other hand I have also discovered I can survive without Facebook (just) and even without some of the games I play (not that there are many now), but I cannot survive without my friends! 

So out came the USB mobile internet (there is probably a technically correct term for it but that works for me) and I limit myself to a few times a day. Morning and evening chatting to my friend in the UK on messenger - that is an essential! A quick look in 3 - 4 (or 8) times a day to see if anything has happened and of course a look into Arena to see who has been to visit. Okay - maybe I can't survive without FB after all! 

The funny thing is though - in all this time I have not once checked my emails! oh dear! Maybe I missed the letter telling me I have won a squillion dollars, or that someone wants to publish my, as yet unwritten, book. Perhaps I should check .. just in case!

So what has been happening? Well, apart from keeping the pharmaceutical companies in business? Ian - tonsillitis (antibiotics, spray for sore throat, lozenges for said sore throat) - Lachie - chest infection (three antibiotics, cough medicine, puffers, cough lozenges - "no not those one - you know I don't like those ones"! grrr - and for good measure his eczema cream), not to mention all the stuff I had ... oh and Brendan's insulin because he forgot to get it and spent the last of his money! Admittedly it was to enroll in school but you know .....

We have been doing some remembering in our family the last few days. I think it's because everyone has been feeling under the weather and for some reason we always seem to talk more about John when we are. Some of the 'rememeber whens' have been hilarious, some sad, some more poignant but it is lovely to watch the boys talking about their father and showing what wonderful memories they have of him. Are they always polite? No - in fact they are rarely polite, but then John would be the first person to laugh, but they are accurate and what I love is that Lachie is learning more about his Dad and also remembering the times he had with him. He was so young and so worried he would forget his father, but that is never going to happen. 

The nice thing is that there is no longer the overwhelming sadness for any of us. Of course we are sad that he left us far too early, but the sadness has been replaced by a gentleness, a calmness I guess, as we smile and remember. It is the way it should be ... and we move on ...

I love this picture of my 4 fellas - taken not long before John got sick

We are still waiting patiently to hear about Lachie getting accepted to the high school of choice. Just in case, he and I went for an interview at the 2nd choice school on Friday. I still really like that school but it felt very different to our other choice. Don't get me wrong - everyone was lovely - it just didn't have the same 'fit'. Having said that I would be happy for him to go there if that is how it works out ... and having a maximum of 14 kids in the year cannot be a bad thing when it also provides everything (and more) than the public school he is streamed to go to that has over 300 kids in his year. My first choice school has 20 kids in the year - still not bad odds lol plus a fabulous track record! We should hear from both schools within the next couple of weeks, until then we sit and hope!

Feeling of the Day: Frustrated - I want my internet back!!!

Song of the Day: Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden One of my friends posted this on FB and reminded me how much I like it. 


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Doreen McGettigan said...

You need to write that book! It took me a while but I finally did it and what do you know..I should soon be hearing the release date and am excited and nervous..while waiting I am writing 2 more.
So sorry about your husband..I think you sell yourself short you sound to me like a very determined lady and a fantastic Mom. I followed you from over 40 bloggers and yes I am a little late..I have a good excuse!
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