Thursday, July 15, 2010

I will be Patient ... I WILL be patient ... I will ....

It's amazing just how much I can get done with no internet, BUT despite that I hate not having it. I miss the contact with my friends and I miss seeing what everyone else is doing!

I knew I wasted a lot of time online, but hadn't realised how much. Now with having to pay premium amounts I am being much more discerning about when I use it and tend to just go online twice a day - early morning and late night UK time, but that means I miss people from other time zones! 

They (they being the computer people), promise me faithfully (again) that my modem will be back tomorrow. They cannot however, guarantee that it will work and if it doesn't apparently whatever I have is unavailable any more and so they will need to build me one!! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

On a different note - we have a visitor. A fruit bat has taken up residence in one of our trees. We often have them flying over in their hundreds - kind of spooky when you are lying in the pool looking up at them and hoping none fall down lol. Anyway - in the over 20 years we have lived here, this is the first time one has stopped to visit. I was looking out my kitchen window yesterday and wondered what I could see, so I went closer and suddenly a little face popped out from behind the wings. Aww - so cute - as long as it stays up in the tree swaying in the wind. It has been here 2 days now so I wonder if it got left behind, either way it is nice to have it there. I will try and take a photo tomorrow when it is light and assuming it is still there!

Feeling of the Day: Missing my friends!

Song of the Day: stolen from a friends FB page ... thanks gorgeous Ronny ;) 
                              When the Stars Go Blue - The Corrs & Bono

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Anonymous said...

Missing you too Shirley! :(