Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Only Thing ....

It is 3am and I am at work. Obviously it is not to busy at the moment. I have just spent 3 hours doing paper work and filing and now it's time for a break.

We have been talking as we work and one of the topics of discussion was if we knew we were about to die - what would we choose for our last meal - anything you wanted - no restrictions. It's an interesting thought. One of the girls said vegetables. Seriously? I can think of so many things I would sooner have but then that is all she eats - and I don't mean she eats a lot. I mean it is all she eats!

Apart from that there were many suggestions but when I try to decide what I would have I am not sure. I love chicken, cold pizza, a lovely juicy peach, an orange, chocolate, anything with chili, bread ... so many things. I am not sure I could decide without the pressure of knowing I was actually going to die lol. The one thing I do know for sure that would be there, is pavlova! It is the one thing I cannot resist! and for anyone who doesn't know what a pavlova is... look here!

Talking about food - I have been watching Masterchef. The Aussie version is very different to the UK version and has taken the country by storm! It has become a country-wide phenomenon with people tuning in in their millions and whole families siting down to watch. This week is the final week of the series and it is the highest rating TV show this year except for State of Origin football and nothing is more important than the footy here in Aus. It even has politicians changing a televised debate and not just any debate but one between the 2 main political leaders with a national election coming up in a few weeks! It was scheduled for the same time as the grand final of Masterchef but they realised no-one would be watching them. Interesting question - if no-one is watching politicians talk does it mean they don't exist - we can only hope!

The fascinating thing is just how much this one show has changed Australian eating habits. People who used to eat mainly 'convenience' meals or fast food are now trying all kinds of things they would never have considered before and you hear people discussing menus and recipes in the oddest places. Celebrity chefs have become the new superstars and families are spending more time in the kitchen. 

But on the negative side people are getting so involved that some of the contestants are hated and one woman even had death threats (although I have to say I was not sorry to see her eliminated!). As each of the people leave they do an exit interview and there are 2 that struck me as being interesting.

Jonathon was someone who people either hated or loved - he went through 9 elimination tests and won them all until the last one but I like what he had to say right at the end  from 1:53 on ...  Jonathon's exit interview

Alvin's interview was similar - some people had a problem with him being gay but he cooked the most amazing dishes and I for one was so sad to see him go. I just loved his attitude and what he had to say in this interview from 1:42 on ...  Alvin's exit interview

Quote of the Day - from Jonathon - The only thing stopping you ... is you!


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