Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Joys of 12 year old boys!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I feel much better now!

You have to love 12 year old boys - really - you do! but sometimes they just make it so difficult!! LOL - Like all mothers I think my particular 12 year old is gorgeous, but there are moments when I seriously doubt if he will reach 13! Then I think back about his oldest brother and think - I survived one. I can do it again. Really I can! And just in case any one is thinking I missed out with the middle one - nah uh - he just waited until he was 15 - at 12 he was too busy fighting to survive while his body rejected his insulin and he spent most of that year in hospital.

So what has he done - nothing special - just being 12 and a boy. He has had a cold for the last 3 weeks which admittedly did become a chest infection and needed the taking of three different antibiotics thanks to a doctor who thinks mothers don't know their own children! Now he is much better but milking it for all he is worth. Of course he is much sicker than anyone else has ever been - much worse than when I had bronchitis or Ian had tonsillitis and was within  minutes of being admitted to hospital but miraculously he has suddenly recovered enough (now that school is on holiday for 2 weeks) to go to tennis camp! 

The truly amazing thing  is though the minute he walks through the door he isnstantly becomes ill again - much too sick to do little things like dishes or put his stuff away. It's such a sad case - I am thinking of writing to medical journal - surely someone should document it! Funnily enough he didn't get that I was too tired to cook dinner if he was too tired to do anything as well. 'You know (emphasised) I am sick! and you know I need a break when I get home from tennis!' Oh dear what was I thinking! How thoughtless of me, it must have slipped my mind when I was running around organising meals for the week, catching up on cleaning, washing, shopping, ironing because last night I started my first of 7 night duties. I don't know how he puts up with me!

Yep - you have to love 12 year old boys, because you are just not allowed to give them away. I know - I have tried LOL

and don't talk to me about 23 and 25 year old males ... 'cause that is a whole other blog! Right now I am tired lol but I am allowed - I worked all night and managed to badger a 12 year old to be on time for tennis camp. Just why does it take 15 minutes to put on shoes and socks anyway. One day I will video it and we will all know the answer. 

Good night!

Feeling of the Day: Tired and just a tad irritated ;)

Song of the Day: I love this song and this band from Finland - thank goodness for You Tube and friends from  other countries who share their amazing music!  - Sleep - Poets of the Fall

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Anonymous said...

Lol gotta love that boy ;-) of course he's more poorly than you, he had a man cold! (which turned into something much worse, sadly, but glad to hear he's recovering)! ;-)