Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!

I cannot believe my son is 26 today!! Happy Birthday Ian! 

Ian  has grown into such a delightful young man (and yes, that ia a proud mother talking, but he has!) He has such a lot to deal with through his life, aside from the illness and death of his father, he has himself, had very significant health issues. What I admire is how he overcame them. Many people would have let it beat them but with a lot of strength and determination, and a little bit of help from us and even less from health professionals, he has it all in control.

I am not saying he doesn't still struggle but it's that that shows the strength. It would be easy, even now, to sit back and say 'life sucks' and let the world take care of him but he is working full time, is doing uni, trains 3 times a week (mostly), plays tennis competition every week and has just volunteered to help out at Camp Quality.

After John died, he was my rock. Despite his own grieving, he took on a roll he felt was needed (and it was) and now (sadly lol) he has withdrawn from that role (when he saw I was ready) and made me stand on my own two feet!! Damn  it - there are some things I still hate doing and he won't do it for me!! Mind you, as much as I whinge, he is right, but I would never admit that out loud!! The one thing he will do and will always continue to do, is take my car if there is a problem. No matter how equal womwn become, mechanics will never see it and will treat women as being stupid. Okay - maybe not all mechanics, but the ones I have met!

I am proud of all my boys but today is a day to remember and to smile and to acknowledge just what a wonderful young man Ian has become. John would be so proud of him!

Happy Birthday Ian - I love you  - and I will even let you off cooking dinner tonight, even if it is the weekend :D

Feeling of the Day : Proud
Song of the Day: (I listened to this all last night - it is a feel-good song) Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

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Anonymous said...

Aww sorry I missed Ian's birthday with being away and having no internet access. Hope he had a wonderful day! xx