Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh the Relief!!

Today I went to Lachie's school. Yes, technically I am sick, but try telling that to a child when there is something special on at school ... especially when it is his last year at that school! So there I was sitting in his class room looking at his work and answering questions about what it was like when I was at school. 

The one I liked was 'What things are the same now as when you were at school?' How easy was that! - we both had children!! oh and books. :D Apart from that ... not a lot. Even the older boys who are only 11 and 13 years older than Lachie are amazed at the changes since they were there (apart from several teachers that are still teaching) and we don't mention the canteen when they are around - there are many many changes in the last few years and they are not amused.

Anyway, while I was there I caught up with a couple of mothers I haven't seen for ages and one thing is clear. Twelve is a delighful age - not! Although I have to say it is reassuring to know Lachie is not the only child unlikely to make 13!!

One thing that has always irritated me is when people, but especially parents say 'I just don't know what to do about ....' There is always a solution. No homework getting done because of the TV - turn it off. Issues with computer and internet - get rid of it as a last resort - there is always the library, or password it or restrict it in some way. And before anyone says 'it is easier said than done' - believe me I know. I have had teenage boys before and neither of them were easy, especially when you consider they were also dealing with major health issues which meant that neither of them was able to go to school and so were home-schooled (through the public system).

Ian in particular was sick and everyone, including several doctors, were telling me he was faking it, that he just didn't want to go to school. True! but I knew my child and I knew there was something wrong so with a lot of pererverance we found a doctor willing to look further and by a simple process of elimination found out what was wrong. Unfortunately it was too late for other issues not to have developed but at least we knew what was happening. It would have been very easy to step back and say, 'I don't know what to do - the doctors say he is okay', and ignore the problem but I think that is unfair to your child and not what a parent is all about. And then of course there was Brendan, but that was a whole other issue!

There is always something that can be done. You may not like it, you may not like the answers you are given or like having to do what is needed but there is always a solution somewhere. You just need to find it!

Moving on - I seem to have got a little side-tracked ... how unusual!

Today I found a new site called BlogFrog. It is a group of blogs that form communities. I haven't had much of a chance to look around but it looks good - there is a link >>>> on my page. 

There is a 31 day challenge going - it is already half way through but I am joining late. Day 1 is to write an elevator pitch for my blog and asks 'has it made me change the way I think about my blog'. Mine is basically my 'About Me' and the direction of my blog is totally clear in my head. (well for now anyway) I think we are supposed to link it to here but I haven't figured that bit out yet and it is much too late tonight. Tomorrow is another day :)

Feeling of the Day: Relief  (Lachie is not the only 'interesting' 12 year old!)

Song of the Day: to be added

Disclaimer: corrections to be made tomorrow - I am tired and cold and to repeat myself - tomorrow is another day!

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Anonymous said...

Strange, I thought I'd posted here yesterday, but as it isn't showing up methinks the fairies must have moved it! (That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it) ;-)

You're so right about there always being a solution and usually it's the simplest things that work best. Unfortunately it's not always easy to see what's right under your nose - and much easier when someone points out the obvious lol.

I'm sure Lachie is a very normal interesting 12 yr old! :D