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Imagine how boring our lives would be without passion ... never feeling strongly enough about something to have those moments ... of love, of hatred and yes, even of grief. Imagine how sterile our world would be if we were never excited about things, if everything was perfect, that there were no highs and lows in our lives. How would we know something was wonderful if we had not experienced the not-so-wonderful?  As much as we might complain against the way our life is going or about something that had happened, we cannot enjoy the highs without the occasional low.

If you were never passionate about something you would be simply existing. I know people who lock themselves away from the world (figuratively speaking), so they don't get hurt, and while that may work sometimes, they are missing out on so much. 

So what am I passionate about? The most obvious is my Family, my boys. They are the centre of my world and give me more highs than anything or any one ... of course there are a few lows as well, but that comes with the territory!! Passion for them is a given. Like most parents, I would do anything, including give up my life for one of my boys. To me having that love and passion is what being a parent is all about!

Friendship. What would we do without friends? They are the family we choose. The ones who are there when we are having a fabulous time but they are also the ones that are there when things are not going so well. They are the ones holding your hand when you need it and laughing at your jokes that no one else thinks is funny. If they are not, they are merely aquaintances and while they are important in your life, they do not generate the same passion as a true friend. The other thing I have discovered in the last few years, is a friend does not have to be someone that lives near. Although I have had friends I have moved away from and have remained very close to, I always assumed that you had to be physically close, at least at some time, to become a real friend. I have since learnt this is not true, in fact, my best friend lives on the other side of the world and we have met just once. Try telling either of us that we are not 'real friends' and you will see how passionate we are about friendship!

Writing. I love to write! I have written as long as I can remember. I didn't consider it 'writing' back then. I thought everyone wrote down their thoughts and had little mini worlds in their imagination. It was just something I did. Then I discovered a whole group of people who liked to write on a fan web site and suddenly I realised I was 'a writer', someone who likes to put what they are thinking on paper. It really doesn't matter if no-one reads it. It is the actual writing that is important. Having said that - of course I love getting feed-back. I wouldn't be human if I didn't! My passion now, is be published and particularly 'One Woman's Journey'.

Scrap-booking: I enjoy creating pages and records of memories. I especially like recording the small things that happened - you know, the things we think we will never forget, and then of course do! I was lucky for a while that I was able to share that passion and teach it but time moves on and circumstances change, and now I am heading in a different direction with my craft and I am definetely passionate about that!

Music: This is a fairly new passion. Growing up we never had music on much in our house, although like most teenagers I listened to some music, it wasn't until I was older that I became passionate about it. It started one day when I was working in the house and had the TV on in the background and heard a voice. I was immediately drawn to see who it was, and that was the day I discovered Il Divo. The voice was Sebastien and I still love his voice today. They helped me learn to appreciate music for music's sake ... and of course it didn't hurt that they are pretty to look at lol. I started to listen to different music, helped along by my friend who often sent me something new and other FB friends who have helped me discover music from all around the world. 

When John was sick, it was music that helped me get through those time. I had my iPod in one ear almost 24 hours a day and almost always it was Il Divo. Their music kept me calm and helped me move from one crisis to another. Even now it is ID I listen to as I drive for the same reason.

Driving: This is a new passion. I have had my driver's license 3 1/2 years now and I love to drive. I often wish I had learned earlier but the time was not right and I don't think I would appreciate it as much if I hadn't waited.

Chocolate: Okay - maybe not passionate, but I like it ... far too much!

So far I have mentioned only things that make me happy but I am also passionate about things that are not so positive - bad manners, arrogance, bad drivers, cruelty, racism, dishonesty, being late .... so many things which in effect, boil down to treating people with the respect they deserve.

Of course this list is imcomplete. Have you ever noticed how you 'know' something, but as soon as you want to explain it it immediately leaves your head!! These are some of the main things I am passionate about but there are so many others I could never write them all down and if I did this blog would go forever!

I guess if I had to sum up my main passion at the moment, excluding family and friends it would be to become the person I know I can be. The person I was meant to be. Losing John was a very difficult time, a time I honestly wondered if I would ever get through, but in an odd way it has been .. I want to say good, but that's not what I mean. What I mean is, I don't know if I would have changed and learnt so much about me if my circumstances hadn't been what they are. I was content with my life as it was, so would I have wanted to change it? Probably not. But now I am excited about the new me, or rather not so much the new me, but the me I am becoming ... the re-discovered me, with changes. I am still the same person, just a person who is growing and taking steps where she would not have dreamt of going before! 

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong... one small step for mankind giant leap for me!

Feeling of the Day: Passionate :)
Song of the Day: our theme song - love the words!    Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

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Anonymous said...

I loved this blog :) mainly because I class myself as a very passionate person and I'm very passionate that every other person should be too! lol It's up to the individual of course, but I just think they're missing out on so much by not having passion in their lives. I have a friend who has never felt passionate about anything; she figured it was better to live 'calmly' rather than having highs and lows. That makes me feel sad, but I realise I can't change everyone hehe. ;-)
Do you remember us 'arguing' with a guy who thought we were wrong about passion? :) So funny. :)