Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evaluation Time

Another day! Where does the week go? Thank goodness work is over for another week - even if I did only work 3 days - it felt more like 10 and especially the last night (kept thinking - public holiday pay ... public holiday pay lol). By the end of the night I felt crap! There is no other word to describe it - and apparently I looked as bad. Fiona kept asking me if I was okay and apparently I was almost white! When it came time to go home I knew I just couldn't drive so Fi dropped me home and the boys went and collected my car a bit later. Thank goodness I didn't because by the time I got home I could hardly keep my head up and I don't actually remember much of the trip!

Anyway - as I said - another day today and I feel much better - so much better in fact that I want to get going and do things but I am taking the advice of my 'mummy' (:P) and not over doing it. I have my list and then I will relax! 

So today seemed like a good day to review the organising of my mind ... see My Shirley Valentine Moment
To recap  ... week one was - organise your mind and the steps (and the evaluation) were  ....
  • Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night - well ... it kind of happened - around the coughing and the general dying going on but I do plan on making it to bed before midnight every night (and by 10am on my working weeks)
  • Start your day by writing a short 'To Do' list of everything you want to do that day - now this is fabulous! I love this and have been doing it off and on for a while! This is a must-do and I achieve so much more when I do it
  • Limit the amount of television you watch - I actually don't watch much TV anyway - I try not to miss NCIS - both the original and LA, I love Good News Week (an Aussie show that defies description sometimes!)  ... and of course there is Masterchef, but apart from that, although I enjoy a few extra shows, I really don't care too much if I miss them.
  • Schedule a 2 minute break 2-3 times a day just to 'be' - again - something I have always done. I learnt when the older boys were very young that 'me time' was very important.
  • Practice meditation - we have already discussed that!! If my brain would keep quiet, it just might work!
  • Schedule time to exercise - the theory is good - unfortunately the body was not willing - I start today!
  • Schedule more 'me' time - see above
  • Take control of your time - set goals and break them down into daily 'To Do's' - for me the list does this
  • Cut back on the amount of negative imformation and images that enter your mind - the news, advertising, books etc - this is a hard one for me - especially negative self-talk but I am working towards ignoring it and have to say - I am getting better at it - as for the rest - I rarely watch the news (find it too depressing), I only like happy books and chick flicks - so generally I tend to do this anyway.
  • Check in with yourself before you make a decision. Take a deep breath , relax, listen to your inner voice. Don't feel pressure to please other people - another hard one for me - I have always tried to be the  the 'good girl' and all it implies but I am learning to sometimes say no and I did resist going back to work toooo early so it's a start!
  • Pay attention to your dreams - I rarely remember my dreams but I will if I do 
Evaluation: Over all the ideas worked for me, although I will know more this next week as I am off work and will be able to put them in to practise more easily. The one thing I found the most helpful was writing lists. I am the world's worst procrastinator so this helped me a lot and meant I was finished what needed to be done each day and then had some time for me! So moving onto the next week.....

Week Two - Organise Your Schedule:

From the book - 'Each day we are given the gift of time. By choosing to spend it wisely and efficiently, you will reduce stress, spend more time on the things you want to do, feel more fulfilled at the end of the day and enjoy a more balanced life! Things left undone linger at the back of your mind and constantly remembering them steals your energy.' That all sound logical .. so the steps I will be taking this week are ...
  • Buy a daily planner (one for work and home to avoid confusion)
  • Sit down with your family and plan your week/month ahead so you can divide errands, plan meals, divide chores and plan ahead (that should be fun!)
  • Gather all your To Do items from around the house and in your head and create a To Do list in your planner. Make the list as complete as possible
  • Sort your lists into tasks to be done that day (e.g. pay bills), tasks to be done that week (e.g. buy a birthday present), tasks you would like to get one in the future (e.g. have lunch with a friend)
  • Put a small notebook by your bed for those nights you lie awake thinking of things you need to do. Write them down and get some sleep knowing you can add them to the list tomorrow.
  • Be realistic about what you want to accomplish in a day
  • Break down large tasks, e.g orgainsing a garage sale, into do-able portions such as clean out toy room, price items for sale etc
  • Schedule some down time to do something you enjoy - or do nothing!
  • Schedule dates with your spose, children, best friend etc, these things are easy to miss because of your busy-ness

Phew - a bit to do - but like everything, I already do bits and pieces and as always, know I need to do this. Sometimes you just need the push to get you motivated and to keep going! This blog is my motivation. Next week I will be organising my cleaning schedule - that should be fun lol! But for now .. back to today's list ...

Feeling of the Day: Enthusiastic!

Song of the Day: Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr Hook & the Medicine Show A blast from the past!!! 



Anonymous said...

Glad to see your 'feeling for the day' is 'enthusiastic' ~ keep it up! I love lists but also love spontaneity & sometimes the two don't sit well together - like you, I'm trying to make a difference!
Also glad to see you're getting over your illness. Keep taking the tablets old girl :p xx

Shirley said...

yes mummy :P