Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Nothing-Special Kind of Day!

I was just looking around Photobucket for a picture I liked - mostly because I really have nothing of huge interest to say and I thought that might fill a gap! It has been a nice day - nothing exciting. I talked to a couple of my friends online, played a couple of games on FB, did some scrap booking and not much else. A nice lazy day! Sometimes we need a day to wind down and do nothing. Fortunately as I am still feeling a bit under the weather and it was a fairly miserable day it all worked perfectly.

Pretty much the only thing I had to deal with was hurt feelings. Kids can be cruel. One minute they are best mates, the next dire enemies. I have always made it a rule to try not to get mixed up in taking sides too much, despite a natural inclination to think your child is pretty close to perfect (when they are sleeping!) ... and certainly never argue with the parents. Kids being kids, the next day, or at  the latest, the day after they will be best friends again and the parents will still be fighting. So my solution, was to take Lachie away and do some shopping - it was for him so he was okay with it lol. Tomorrow we will see what happens!

He made me laugh this morning. Standing beside me and a very serious voice he said 'You know what? We must be related because we both have colds!' I think he was just testing to see if I was really listening or doing that 'pretend listening' that mothers do so well. When I looked up in amusement - he had the biggest grin on his face - well duh!

Then tonight as we are all feeling poorly - yes Ian is sick as well and Brendan is just beginning to feel a bit unwell - we decided to have an easy dinner. Ian and Lachie had both made toasted cheese on rolls and having decided that sounded good (and easy), I started collecting what I needed. Lachie then explained step-by-step what to do. In exasperation I told him I knew and  he looked at me full of wonder "have you had this before?" he asked. Only several hundred times throughout my life!

What did we do before the kids were born and old enough to tell us what to do? How did I manage my finances and get places on time, and cook and find my way around before Ian, and before Brendan I was able to put together furniture, change lightbulbs and all kinds of stuff, now apparently it is much too difficult. Lachlan on the other hand alternates between thinking I know nothing to thinking I know everything - especially if it is something he should know ... like ... let me think ... homework! He is always irritated when I say - yes I know the answer but his teacher doesn't want to know that I know - she wants to know if you do! Look it up!! I think I am meant to be the shortcut to information. Wrong - welcome to the real world - just wait until you get to high school!

So depite my decrepitness (is there such a word?) I will struggle on, somehow managing to get through the day until my delightful boys are there to tell me what I am doing wrong. Good thing I love them dearly otherwise I would have to sell them!!

Feeling of the Day: stuffed up! I wish this damn cold would go!

Song of the Day: Kiss From a Rose - Seal - I had not heard this before last night and love it - definitely being added to my favs!

..and the reason for this picture - none really - I just love it :D xxx 

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