Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday - the Day of Rest!

Sunday - the day of rest! Ha! that is assuming you can rest - or at least breathe enough to rest! Isn't it just typical - I am back at work tomorrow and the cold I have been fighting all week is developing into a full blown chest infection! Not enough to get antibiotics yet but I know me and tomorrow morning there is an excellent chance it will be there. I have decided in advance that if it is I am taking 2 nights off work. I am over killling myself for work when I know I should rest and let's be honest here - it's better finacially for me to have Monday and Tuesday off than to work through until I am too sick and have to have the weekend off and miss out on those penalty rates! But with any luck it won't be an issue - fingers crossed!

Apart from the breathing thing I slept terribly last night - I kept having these horrible dreams. I wish I knew what they meant - but then again, maybe it's better not to know. The most vivid memeory is of a whole lot of 'gang-like' people arriving outside my house as well as beat up two cars. One drove over my lawn and I was furious - until I saw how many people there were and then the other car pulled onto our neighbours lawn and somehow (it was a dream - it doesn't have to be logical) as the car reversed it peeled the iron off the fence between us and they drove off laughing as the others on foot smashed all her windows and house.They were shouting over and over - 'this is payback! That will teach not to mess with us'. (only the word wasn't mess lol). The spooky thing is she does actually work for the court system here so there is a smidgen of truth behind it. The rest of the night I was restless, jumping at every sound and when I was sleeping I kept returning to the same dream - like ground hog day - only not as fun!!

Anyway... I have been reading blogs - just skimming through a few. Its interesting how different they can be. I was kind of looking to see if I should be doing anything different and so far the only thing I have discovered is there is no set way - what ever works for you is good. So I will keep going. I guess it is a bit self-indulgent - I mean who really cares what I think apart from me and a few friends. Then again, writing has always been cathartic for me so why not!

No great thoughts today - but the day is young. I am off to scrapbook and possibly seperate some boys who are arguing. Apparently yesterday's little conflict is not over, but if they throw eggs at my house again - there will be hell to pay. Once - I talk to the parents (which I did), twice - I am going to the police! Should be an interesting day :) I will let you know!

Feeling of the Day: I will get back to you - depends what happens ;)

Song of the Day: Che tesoro che sei - Antonello Venditti  - Thanks Gill - I have no idea what the words are but I just love listening to it - it is soft and gentle and just right for me today!


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