Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Memory ....

The Song of the Day comes first today because it is kind of what I want to talk about. I love this song - it has always been one of my favourites but sadly they have never done it on stage and are not likely to now. But it's not really the song I want to talk about but more the way that watching this video made me feel.

The first thing is nostalgic and then sad. When the band was fairly new, it was a whole different thing, their forum was fun and friendly and I made some lovely friends, many of whom are still friends today. There was more news and contact with the guys and it was much more personal. You could write to them and know that some at least were reading what you wanted to say. You could go to concerts and occassionally get to talk to them and have them recognise you in the front few rows etc etc etc - I miss all that! Now they are much more of an organised machine and becoming much less accessible because of their popularity but also sadly because of a few  over-the-top fans. Fans who stalked some members of the band and did things like try to pull their child out of the stroller for a hug! Hello people - they are 'ours' when they are singing - there is no way we should interfere in their private time! Having said that I know people who have met them out and about and they have been lovely!

We had such fabulous times at the concerts - it wasn't just the guys, it was the people we had met online and then met in real life and the fun and camaraderie that we had. We all felt the same way and generally the  only disagreements were over which Divo was the best - which is a moot point really because it is Sebbie without any doubt! *angelic smile* One of the best times I have had was when I went to London, for other reasons, and got to go to several concerts and spend time touring around with three friends ... three  friends who I knew online but met then for the first time.

But what has made me really sad is that yesterday I heard that someone I met at the last Sydney concert had passed away - she was still young and had sadly had a very aggressive form of cancer. It reminded me yet again to cherish the time we have here and have no regrets for the life we lead. This song from the Sydney concert is dedicated to Joanne's memory ....

Feeling of the Day: Nostalgic


(btw - if you watch 'Live at the Greek' - look hard and you will see me - sadly about 6 times - yes I was there :D )

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Anonymous said...

Love your song choices ;-)
I didn't know Joanne, but I had met her mum briefly a couple of years ago, and talked to her sister Lois online. My heart goes out to them all at such a sad time. :)