Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Isn't it amazing how one thing can turn around a whole day. Today is my birthday and for many reasons it was a bad day. Surprisingly about the only thing not making me cry was that I was another year older. Lately I have become more and more accepting of my age - still don't like it but getting there!

It was not just one thing that made the day a hard one - it was a series of things, none of which in retrospect, are that bad but all at once it all suddenly seemed overwhelming. I know I have changed alot in the last few months, but occassionally it all creeps up on me and it all seems too much. I am tired of having to cope with everything and I am tired of feeling alone and lonely all the time. Yes I know I have my boys, but it is not the same and they, as is only right, have their own lives to live.

But I have come a long way. A friend said this to me earlier
"You're making great strides, no HUGE strides, so don't you dare think otherwise. The stuff you've done lately, going to seminars and stuff - you should be so proud of yourself - I know I am!" And you know what - she is right! I am making changes, some faster than others and most are for the better but just occassionally I am allowed to be a little self-indulgent. Today was one of those days!

I did get a lovely early present from Lachlan this morning.  I heard him come and stand by the bed but I didn't want to wake up properly so I kept my eyes closed, then he came back, and then again so I gave in. He cuddled into bed with me and watched delightedly when I opened  my gift and pronounced it perfect! And then asked me to make him breakfast! Back to the real world in 10 seconds flat lol except I didn't make it much to his disgust. You would think after many many times of repeating that he is old enough to make his own breakfast he would get it. You would think! Having said that I do make it sometimes, but not today. Today I was staying in bed ... until I remembered I needed to make lunch and organise the money for the walk-a-thon he did yesterday and write a 'sick note' from last week. The note that is still sitting on the table - oh well, there is another day tomorrow!

My other presents from the boys arrived later - they know me well and I have to say that the 6th Season of NCIS was not even opened and watched before I got it was even more impressive lol

So what was the one thing that turned my day around - a gift from a friend. On Facebook there is an app called Arena and as well as playing the game, you can give (and  recieve) giftwalls. They can be cheap or incredibly expensive. I keep saying the value is not what is important but who listens to me :P - I had recieved 2 lovely birthday walls which I loved but this one was special (and expensive but again that really is irrelevant)- the special part was that he did this wall for me knowing it would make me smile and it did! So thank you Kyle for once again making me feel good but more importantly - thank you for being my friend <3

So a new year begins tomorrow and I am well enough to go back to work (great joy) - I would love to have the rest of the week off to get over this properly but some things are just not possible, so tomorrow I will take it easy and rest up and make sure I am well wrapped up at work and go earn some money. I was so born to be a lady of leisure! *wink*

Oh and before I forget I am supposed to evaluating my week of organisation! As most of it has been spent coughing I am putting it off for a few more days until I have time to actually see how it works!

Feeling of the Day: Pick one - I have probably felt it today!

Song of the Day: Happy Birthday to me  - one of my favourite birthday clips from Youtube

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made some great strides even during this one day, Shirley ;-)
Hugs my friend, here's to many more much happier Birthdays to come. xx