Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Shirley Valentine Moment

'I have allowed myself to live a little life when inside there was so much more and it's all gone unused' - Shirley Valentine

A long time ago I sat down to watch the movie 'Shirley Valentine'. There was a lot of hype about it but I have to admit I went in slightly biased. Being of an age where Shirley Temple was around (although she is much older than me - angelic smile), I was continuously compared to or called that so I admit I am slightly biased against anything with the name Shirley in it. And I was right - I hated the movie. I was bored!

Then not long ago someone mentioned it and I decided to try it again and loved it! Maybe I was in a different place ... I think I identified with her and especially that quote.

I have written elsewhere that I suddenly realised that was what I was doing ... living a little life. Now I am not saying all my life has been lived little, what I am saying is there is so much more that I could and want to do. Over the last few months I am gradually living my life bigger. If only work wouldn't interfere but then ... welcome to the real world!

One of the things I have been doing is getting some organisation into my life. I am the world's worst procrastinator but I am also fabulous at getting things done in a short amount of time (because of the procrastination). Anyway, I found a book that I hope is going to help me. It's called 'Organize Now' by Jennifer Ford Berry and it is 'a week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life'. It starts by talking about clutter - both phusical and mental clutter - and ways to conquer it. It gives practical, 'real' advice about getting rid of stuff (give away, donate, sell) and helps you get organised.

Now I know a book of advice is only as good as you let it be. It's like the medicine that doesn't work because it is still sitting on the bench top ... so my solution to this is ... visibility. This is a week-by-week guide that lasts almost a year. My plan is to write about the coming week on a Thursday and then evaluate it the next week before moving onto what is to come next. The only 'but' I will add here is that I do work nights and sometimes I am just too tired, so there will be weeks occassionally when it might be Friday - or even Saturday before I write it, but I will get it done! So ...

Week One: Organise Your Mind! (Now there is a scary thought!)
  • Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night
  • Start your day by writing a short 'To Do' list of everything you want to do that day
  • Limit the amount of television you watch
  • Schedule a 2 minute break 2-3 times a day just to 'be'
  • Practice meditation
  • Schedule time to exercise
  • Schedule more 'me' time
  • Take control of your time - set goals and break them down into daily 'To Do's'
  • Cut back on the amount of negative imformation and images that enter your mind - the news, advertising, books etc
  • Check in with yourself before you make a decision. Take a deep breath , relax, listen to your inner voice. Don't feel pressure to please other people
  • Pay attention to your dreams
So much to think about and do ... I will get back to you!

Feeling of the Day: Tired - my son is home sick - probably not really needing to be but at 10:30 I am already exhausted - roll on bed time lol

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