Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have just got back from seeing 'Wicked' the musical, and I have to say it was brilliant! For those who don't know, it is a parallel story to the Wizard of Oz and it tells how the Wicked Witch of the West wasn't really wicked - she was just misunderstood! If you ever get a chance to go see it, I would highly recommend it!

Going to see a show alone, rather than missing out because no one else wanted to go, was on my bucket list so my ticket was booked a few weeks ago and obviously I had no idea that Cityrail was going to be doing track work, so instead of a nice 60 minute journey became a short 20 minute train ride followed by a long 120 minute bus trip. Sighhhhhhh. Which of course meant I had to leave much earlier.

Having said that, it was nice to get away for the day by myself and I actually enjoyed the bus trip. I got to see parts of Sydney I hadn't been to before, but the best part is a bus is much more intimate than the train. You can hear other people's conversations so much better. Whether you want to or not!

So I got to hear about someone's date last night - only one part of the conversation though because she was on the phone. Can I just add here that some people have no concept of what a private conversation is and there are just some things that shouldn't be for public consumption ... and I didn't even know that that was possible ():-).

Then I heard about someone else's child, which I have to say was fascinating and made me think that perhaps my child is not becoming a juevenile delinquent after all. In fact, by comparison, he is an angel. I always hate generalisations and type-casting, but in this case, knowing where these women got on the bus, sadly I was not surprised! The really scary thing for me is, we almost bought a house there when we first moved to Australia. Not that my kids would have ever got away with the things they were talking about. I am thinking grounded - for life if necessary.

Moving onto the next conversation and I have to say it made me green! No, I wasn't feeling sick, it was sheer unadulterated jealousy! One of the girls had such a terrible decision to make - whether to go work in London or New York! oh dear - poor wee thing! Between them they had been to Orlando and most of Florida and southern USA, Scandinavia, New York, London, Paris, all around Spain, and Italy and were thinking of  going to the Carribean next. I was dying to look around but being much too polite, I waited until the bus stopped and then my jaw must have dropped! They couldn't have been any older than 23 or 4. They must have rich parents, and yes, I know it's a generalisation! I have been fortunate and have travelled quite a bit but I was so jealous of these two, I so much want to take off and see much more of the world and I hate that life is passing so quickly and I will probably not get to do even 1/4 of what I want!

After a while their conversation changed - just as well really as there were murmurings in the ranks from the other passengers. From some of the snippets I heard, I have a feeling there may have been just a little jealousy there as well. lol Anyway, they were talking about a 'friend' who apparently hadn't been such a good friend lately and I was impressed by their wisdom. Snippets such as 'if she was a true friend, she would accept him as he was' and 'there is nothing that cannot be changed given time and hard work' and finally 'we should stop looking at other people's lives and thinking they are better',  and 'if we don't like it ... change it!'

Wise girls these two, but I am still jealous!

I love people and I especially love listening to other people talk. You can get such good ideas for a story from one small piece of a conversation. Last time I went on a train, I wrote a whole short story just from watching two people chatting. I have learnt to always carry a notebook and paper - just in case.

And finally, although I didn't hear this today, this is a classic I have heard many times sitting near older people when they are discussing their health as they are wont to do .... someone invariably says sadly, usually shaking their head at the same time, 'yes, he has been to the doctor and he has blood pressure'. I have on every such occassion had to restrain myself from turning around and saying 'I hope so, otherwise he would be dead!' It's a nurse thing I know, but it amuses me :)

Feeling of the Day: Exhilarated (I want to go see more shows!)

Song of the Day: I Believe I Can Fly - Il Divo

Please note - I am very tired - editing will be completed tomorrow morning- - meanwhile just pretend it is perfect :) xx



Anonymous said...

Firstly, kudos for having the guts to do this and cross another item off your list - that's brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it!
Loved the snippets of conversation, very wise girls indeed. Like you, I'm jealous, as I want to travel too (and unlike you, I haven't already done it!). ;-) xx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I would love to see "Wicked" on stage! But so far, it hasn't come to my neck of the woods!

Fran said...

Hi there - have enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for signing up to my blog. I haven't seen 'Wicked' but it's one of those about which everyone says, 'Oh, you must, you must!' So, maybe, one day ...

Shirley said...

I wonder what happened to my reply? oh well ...

thank you ladies for your comments - yes! yuou defo have to go see it if/when you can!

and it's good to have something off the list Gill - now to do another one - oh and I have photos - they just may be a little blurry! lol

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Kudos for going to the show by yourself, I have done that a few times and come to love the quiet and focus of it.

I saw WICKED in New York last year, loved every minute of it!

Shirley said...

Thanks Brahm - yes it was great - although there was the odd time I wished I could make a comment to someone and I am thinking that somehow the 10 year old girl sitting to me would not have been impressed lol

But I am hooked and will defo do it again! Fame is here in a few months.